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Leadership Development Foundation for Civic Literacy (LDCFL) is interested in pooling together a diverse group of partners, resources and volunteers who support the development of Citizenship and Public Literacy in Nigeria. The platform is open to all without respect to gender, age or affiliations.

Through our strategic partnerships, we aim to build a network of CIVIC CORPS passionate about the particular needs of democracy in a developing country like Nigeria.

You can participate as an institutional affiliate or a volunteer. Affiliates assist the organization by the provision of capacity and competency. Volunteers provide the needed engagement and network needed in meeting up to the commitments of LDFCL.

LDFCL CIVIC CORPS are the totality of our network. They are people passionate for the success of democracy in Nigeria. LDFCL CIVIC CORPS includes affiliates and volunteers that power the capacity of the organization. Become a civic Corps today:

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At Leadership Development Foundation for Civic Literacy      

In the words of Benjamin Franklin:"an inclination joined with an ability to serve mankind,one's country,Friends and Family should indeed be the great aim and End of all learning".

It is in the spirit of the above quote that LDFCL as a civic capacity building organization invite you to participate in building civic engagement and democracy in Nigeria.Our need for funds is as big as our commitments as we fight for sustainable democracy in Nigeria.Now is the best time to get involved with such a dynamic and rewarding initiative.Your contribution shall be dedicated to the immense undertakings that the commitments of LDCFL champions.

Contributions can come in other ways not financial.LDFCL as a mobile civic education hub shall be grateful to receive contributions that will help our effort to overcome the barriers of distance (Transportation) in our effort to take liberal education to the local governance level. Thank you in advance for your desire to be a part of this great mission to build Nigeria and bequeath a secure future to a generation that is not yet with us.

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At LDFCL, we see Nigeria as a microcosm of the world – a vivid specimen of the world's challenges and opportunities – reflecting in Nigeria's own resplendent colors. We see Nigeria as a future powerhouse with millions of teeming young talents ready to make a difference.

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You can reach Leadership Development Foundation for Civic literacy on the Address below.

Address: Justice Gate No. 2 Petersburg Street, off Parakou Crescent, Wuse 2 Abuja.
No. 37 Nnaekezie Street, Area M, World Bank Housing Estate Owerri, Imo State.
Telephone: +234-903-5466-335
Others: +234-805-066-8788

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